Studio Yoga Mat (6 Pack)
Studio Yoga Mat (6 Pack)
Studio Yoga Mat (6 Pack)

Studio Yoga Mat (6 Pack)

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Sweat More & Slip Less

Create Flow's highly durable, non-slip natural Studio yoga mat. Firm natural tree rubber underlay with a superior closed cell grippy TPU top surface.

Yoga mat features

Designed to be durable for heated yoga studios and provide your students with high performance grip:

  • High-density 3mm natural tree rubber base
  • 1mm non-slip closed-cell TPU top layer 
  • Keep your mat toxic-free & hygienic as the top surface does not absorb sweat
  • Sleek design that rolls up easily
  • Easy-care materials to maintain mat for daily practice 
  • Sustainable materials and ethical production for eco-conscious Yogis

The Studio's top, grippy surface is made from Biodegradable TPU. Biodegradable TPU manufacturing process is low in toxicity; and biodegradable TPU is exposed to fewer harmful chemicals, such as solvents, which are better for the natural environment. None of our mats contain toxic PVC or TPE!

We use biodegradable, 100% non-Amazon harvested tree rubber, and eco friendly TPU. All of our mats are designed in Australia, made under ethical workplace standards in Taiwan free from foaming agents, PVCs, harmful plasticisers and using toxic-free softening processes.

The Create Flow Studio Mat will arrive individually packaged in recyclable packaging free from plastic wrap and plastic filler. The cardboard box is suitable for postage, no additional packaging required for online sales of this product. Includes care instructions and cotton mat carrier strap.

Studio natural mat specs

  • Thickness of 4mm (3mm of natural tree rubber, 1mm of TPU)
  • Length of 183cm (72”)
  • Width of 61cm (24”)
  • Weight of 2.6 kg

Caring for your Studio mat

Our mats can cope with your hard-earned sweat, but they do like to keep dry when they can. Squeeze the life span out of your mat by keeping it dry. Like you, our mats don’t like being wet for too long. So, after cleaning (with a non-toxic cleaner) or a sweaty practice unroll your trusty practice-partner out of direct sunlight until dry.