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Free Shipping for all orders over $1000. Enter the code Free Shipping at checkout.
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Things to consider for your studio. 

Is your studio heated?

We designed the Create Flow Studio mat to be durable in heated studios. Our Grounded mats are not recommended for heated studios as the heat will reduce the lifespan of the mats and may cause the mat to warp so that it does not lie flat. 

Do you have a small studio space?

We suggest a standard size yoga mat to create more space in your studio. Our Mukti Grounded and Create Flow studio mats are standard size.

Do you have a full yoga schedule with multiple classes a day?

Our Create Flow studio mat is our recommendation for busy yoga studios where the mats will be used frequently as a studio mat. This mat is more durable for high traffic areas (think hands and feet in downward dog many times a day) and cleans up quickly between classes. 

What type of yoga do you teach?

Slow flow, gentle vinyasa, Iyengar, restorative, Yin - Mukti Grounded mat (standard & XL). Astanga, power yoga, strong vinyasa, Bikram - Create Flow Studio mat

Are you opening a new studio?

We know that starting a studio has many expenses. We offer an additional 10% discount for orders that include a minimum of 6 natural yoga mats, 6 organic cotton yoga straps and 12 cork blocks. Discount will be automatically applied at checkout. 

Make sure your investment lasts!

Care for your investment as much as you care for your students. Please follow our care instructions to ensure that your mats have a good lifespan.

Our natural yoga mats do not like:

  • Direct hot sunlight
  • To be soggy from water submersion
  • To be rolled up damp
  • Harsh cleaning chemicals

We love to support our Create Flow community!

As a wholesale client of Create Flow you're welcome to use any of our images from our online store or social media. Please tag us when sharing our products in your studio/retail space and we will share the love with our community too. 

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